Sirocco WA Tour 2011 Biographies


Andrew de Teliga

Andrew de Teliga is the main composer for Sirocco. His background is in rhythm and blues guitar. As well as performing in a wide variety of rock bands, Andrew learned the classical violin. From a classical repertoire Andrew turned to the Irish fiddle and to the music of the different ethnic groups in Australia His inspired compositions have been used around the world. In particular dance groups from Singapore, Korea and Australia have choreographed to his music.

Instruments include : Ch'ng, violin, Greek bouzouki, electric guitar, slide guitar, Uigher Tar

Peter Jacob

Peter Jacob studied teaching at Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education. After teaching for three year in primary schools, he studied for a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium. On graduation Peter has worked extensively with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, West Australian Symphony Orchestra and Australian Chamber Orchestra. In 1984 Peter toured with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Zubin Mehta. He has been involved with many contemporary music ensembles such as Synergy and the Seymour Group. Peter has put together a unique percussion rig for Sirocco including : tupan, darrabukka,  water drum, Irish Bodhran and Indonesian gongs.


Mark Cain

Multi-wind instrumentalist, Mark Cain's career spans cross-cultural, folk, jazz and new music genres, including music he has written for dance, theatre and short film. As an instrument maker and performer, Mark is renown for his innovative approach to using pvc pipe and other industrial materials dating back to his work with AC/PVC in the 1980s. He has held artist-in-residence tenures in many communities throughout Australia and for the past decade has performed and toured variously in Australia and oversees with the Nova Ensemble. Mark has also had a long involvement in music education through the national Musica Viva in Schools programme [with Nova Ensemble]. He also tours a solo show in schools nationally through the Melbourne-based agency, Nexus Arts, as well as with the duo, Windcheaters.


Hugh Moran

Hugh Moran has played been playing piano and stringed instruments since childhood. He has performed all over the world; had two #1 hit singles, recorded session vocals and keyboards on over 35 CDs for the ABC's children's catalogue, written and recorded many national advertising jingles, a film soundtrack in India, played on P&O cruise ships around the Pacific and Indian Oceans, school concerts in the USA and Germany and has performed in almost every major venue in Sydney, and a multitude of smaller venues. Although not Jewish himself, Hugh taught himself to sing in Hebrew and Yiddish many years ago and has been highly successful performing for Jewish weddings and barmitzvahs with his current group "The Promised Band". He was a pioneer in the programming of midi files and their use in live performance from the mid 1980s. He has entertained Governors General and Prime Ministers at formal occasions and average Australians at backyard birthday parties. His instruments in Sirocco are synthesizer, sampler and melodica.

Management :

William (Bill) O'Toole

Bill O'Toole -plays wooden flutes , bagpipes and a variety of unusual woodwind. He went from organising bush dances and concerts in Australia to Europe to study music and music instrument making at the London Guild Hall University. On returning Bill began developing a variety of instruments from Australian timbers and at the same time performing on them around Australia. With Andrew de Teliga he formed Sirocco in 1980 and is responsible for their innovative projects, such as the event/concert to promote the Macquarie marshes around the world. He also manages the group and is a consultant working as an events development specialist. He has written three university textbooks on event management. Recently he worked for the UN (in Khartoum and Entebbe), European Commission (in Aqaba) and in Saudi Arabia, France, USA and Dubai.

His company website is EPMS.NET

For more information email : Sirocco4epmsnet