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Sirocco repertoire

A selection of Sirocco live performance pieces with an explanation of the compositions

River of Jewels : Inspired by the Mahakam River in Borneo. In 1994 Sirocco performed in the jungle with a group of Dayak dancers and musicians. The sands of the river tell the history of Asia. It was the source of many of the famous Indian gems. The music takes you down its meandering course through the rainforest. 'Stars and Fires' : ABC Music

Tall Ships : In 1988 Sirocco composed this suite for the 'First Impressions' exhibition at the Australian Museum. It takes the listener on a journey from the docks of London to Botany Bay in the late 18th century. From the storms of the Cape to the calm of the Pacific. 'Port of Call' : Larrikin

Malachite : Composed for a concert 'in the mine'. This was a celebration of Australia's first open cut mineral mine. 'Stars and Fires' : ABC Music

Stars and Fires :For thousands of years the Maleny area in Southern Queensland was the site celebration. When the Bunya nut ripened the tribes would gather around their fires under the stars. This piece was composed for the Maleny Folk Festival. 'Stars and Fires' : ABC Music

Nomad : The relentless rhythm is given by the sequencer - a rhythm reminiscent of the camel gait. 'Stars and Fires' : ABC Music

Desert Shadows : The didgeridu begins this piece which evokes the swirling movement of the desert. It ends with a song of the Yolgnu. 'Evergreen Realm' : Sirocco and 'Port of Call' : Larrikin Entertainment

Hey Rain/Jigs and Reels : This song by Bill Scott is in the tradition of bush humour. Sirocco extends the humour by using a reggae beat. To celebrate the coming of the rain, the group plays a selection of Irish jigs and reels. 'Evergreen Realm' : Sirocco

Pacific : After a tour of the Russian Far East they composed this quick tour around the rim. 'Evergreen Realm' Sirocco

Rant : A ragged rant featuring the electric guitar/bombarde combination 'Breath of Time' - ABC Music 842 738

Marsh Harrier : Music composed for the Macquarie Marsh concert. These Wetlands are abundant with wildlife. The birds are continually circling and soaring or 'mobbing'. The only scientific reason given for this is that they are happy ! 'Wetland Suite' ABC Music also video 'Wetland Suite' ABC Video

Theme/Billabong : This part of the 'Wetland Suite' features samples of the ambient sounds of the Macquarie Marshes on the day of the concert. 'Wetland Suite' ABC Music also video 'Wetland Suite' ABC Video

Wetland Suite : This is the theme to the Macquarie Marsh concert. 'Wetland Suite' ABC Music also video 'Wetland Suite' ABC Video Eagle The Macquarie Marshes were said to have formed when an eagle pushed over a giant tree in anger. Where the branches fell the rivers formed. You can easily imagine the eagle as it soars on the updrafts over the wetlands. 'Wetland Suite' ABC Music also video 'Wetland Suite' ABC Video

Mongolian /Uigher : In 1984 Sirocco performed with a group of Uigher musicians in Western China. They have reinterpreted this music and now play it "as Ghengis would have if he had an electric guitar". 'Voyage' : Larrikin Entertainment

Marche Celtique : A wistful waltz in the Irish tradition 'Evergreen Realm' Sirocco Evergreen Realm This music was composed for the opening of the Tropical Centre in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. The composition is in the style of a Pastorale - or in this case, an Environmentale. It is a day in the rainforest. 'Evergreen Realm' Sirocco

Medieval : A wild dance melody reminiscent of another period of music multiculturalism - the mix of Middle Eastern and Celtic music during the medieval period of European history. It features the wooden saxophone - the taragoto (To be released)

The Hunter : A Sirocco original composed by Andrew. It features the mixture of Greek bouzouki, Irish tin whistle and didgeridu - only in Australia! 'A Celtique Breeze' - Larrikin ( on Festival Records)

Nightride : A galloping dance melody featuring the Borneo gong picked up on Sirocco's tour of Indonesia. 'Stars and Fires' - ABC Music

Falling Leaf : An air composed by Paul Jarman after an unrequited experience in Nepal. 'Falling Leaf' - ABC Music

Mongolian Horseman : The theme of this classical Mongolian melody is the horse of the Steppes. It begins with a description in music of the vast plans of Mongolia. In the distance a horseman is slowly riding along the horizon. He changes speed to a wild gallop.

Trepang : composed for their current school show to demonstrate the link between Asuatrlia and Asia prior to the arrival of the Europeans. This song tells of the 'hunting' of the worm of the ocean - the trepang

Processional : this piece is celebration music in the raw. It is played acoustically in the audience with shawms and Turkish drums.

Sap : off Sirocco's latest album, the Falling Leaf, this piece was composed to describe the majesty of the Australia forests.

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