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Performing with Rajasthani musicians in India

From performing to an estimated audience of 200,000 on Australia Day 1999 to a dance with the Dayaks in a jungle clearing in central Borneo, there is no band in the world with the experience of Sirocco. They reflect the creativity, popularity, charm and humour (and a touch of larrikinism) that is the spirit of modern Australia. Their instruments range from Middle Eastern flutes to Irish drums to modern synthesisers. Their performances take their audience on a voyage around the world on a magic carpet wove from their exotic instruments. Just like modern Australia, they distill the best from the cultures that make up our country and produce a unique Australian style. At one minute the soft lyrical air on an Celtic flute to a raucous infectious dance beat on didgeridu and Turkish drums.

Their concerts take them overseas representing the modern Australia. Countries like Pakistan, USA, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Philippines, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, the Russian Far East, Sri Lanka and Singapore. In Australia they have composed music and performed in distinctly Australian environments such as the Macquarie Marshes, Cape Byron, Narracourte Caves and the Warrumbungles.

photo of sirocco quartet

An ensemble of such energy creativity, tenacity and sheer virtuosity - they should be regarded and a national treasure
Australian Hi Fi

It is impossible not to be seduced by Sirocco
The Sydney Morning Herald

These men are completely extrovert and the delight they feel in creating their music easily infects the audience
Indian Express, Calcutta

A first class standard of performance and presentation. One of the most enjoyable evenings experienced. Put them on the "return visit" list.
Bob OCallahan General Manager Darwin Entertainment Centre May

A very professional and talented group of musicians who have a real passion for what they do. An exemplary performance
Mark Wirtz Principal, Wangkatjungka School Kimberley W.Australia

Excellent, creative, interesting, diverse, such talent and involvement of the audience. Thanks for a beautiful experience
Sister Margaret Keane Ngalangangnum School Warmun W.A.

'Fantastic - so passionate and vibrant! We all just wanted to dance'
Julie O'Keeffe Blackheath Public School
Sirocco working with local musicians in Sri Lanka

An assessment from one of our younger audience members

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