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Sirocco - the fact sheet

Stage setup :Sirocco with Chinese flautist

Sound specifications - Quartet


  • Paths of the Wind - (Arika Records)
  • Earth Dance - (Arika Records)
  • A Celtic Breeze in the Antipodes - (Festival/Larrikin)
  • Voyage - (ABC Music)
  • Port of Call - (Festival/Larrikin)
  • The Breath of Time - (ABC Records)
  • The Evergreen Realm - (independent)
  • Wetland Suite - (ABC Music)
  • Stars and Fires - (ABC Music)
  • Zephyr - (ABC Music)
  • Falling Leaf - ( ABC 1998)
  • Under the Southern Sky (private release 2001)
  • Essential Elements (ABC 2005)

Wetland Suite - Sirocco Acoustic (ABC Video)

Film Music

  • Rosy Dock - Film Australia
  • The Navigator - World release
  • Imprisoned Splendour - World release
  • Various in-house and training films including "In The Line of Fire" for NSW Bush Fire Service

members of the group

Major Overseas tours

Sirocco photos of tours

India 2008 (Rajasthan), 1996 (Austrade), 1995(27 Jan - 16 Feb) (for the Department of Foreign Affairs), 1989, 1993(Feb 28 - March 16)
Lord Howe Island 2007 (not really OS - but close to it!)
Philippines 2006,
1995, 1998,
Vietnam and Laos 2003
Malaysia Sept 2004
Singapore, 2001 Schools, 1992 (Singapore Arts Festival),
Korea 1988, 1989 (for the Olympics 1988, International Rotary 1989)
Indonesia 1993, 1994 (Jan 22 - 8 Feb) (including central Borneo)
Siberia and Russian Far East  1990
Japan 1990, 1992(July 21 - 28 - Kawaguchi Festival)
New Zealand 1984, 1986
Norfolk Island 1984
Taiwan 1993 (7 -12 Dec.), 1996, 1998
USA 1988 (Salute to Australia Festival)
Sri Lanka 1997
Nepal  1997
Pakistan 1997 (yep, 97 was a big year!)
China including West China (Xin Xiang) 1984

Hong Kong 1984 (Asian Arts Festival)1996 ( DFAT)

In Australia

All states

Festivals include WOMADelaide, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Festivals, Maleny (Woodford) Festival, National Folk Festival, Lismore Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Victor Harbour Festival(SA),Kapunda Celtic Festival

Schools - over one thousand schools, both primary and secondary, throughout Australia and schools in New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India and China.

Environments - organised, composed and performed in a variety of Australian natural environments including rainforests, wetlands, coastal barrier systems, woodlands, underground limestone caves....

Musicians in Sirocco

Current (2010)

Peter Jacob - percussion

Andrew de Teliga - strings and composition

Paul Jarman - keyboard and woodwind

Chai Chang Ning - Chinese flute

Sometimes supplemented with : Bill O'Toole - woodwind and management

Current guest musicians and former musicians in Sirocco

Martin Tucker - harp

Guy Madigan - percussion and founding member (1980 - 1995)

Gang Xue, Jonathan Xue - chinese bamboo flute

Sabahatin Akdajick - Turkish baglama

Professor Michael Atherton - strings and composition (member 1981- 1985)

Paul Koerbin - strings(Arabic Ud) and composition (member 1985- 1990) current composer.

Doug Kelly - synthesiser and composition (member 1990 - 1992) current composer.

Robert Bester - strings (member 1987)

Peter Carolan - keyboards and composition

David Hudson - didgeridu

Other guest artists include musicians from : Tibet (Nawang Khechog), Iran (Davood Tabrezi), Lebanon (Mish Jammal), Brittany (Alan Stivell), Philippines (Joey Ayala), Greece (Mina) Chile, Scotland and Uruguay.

Dancers associated with Sirocco

Malcolm Mitchell - Yamagi dancer and story teller - toured with Sirocco to India and the Philippines and choreographed dances to Wetlands

Ladu - North Queensland dancer - toured to Indonesia and Taiwan

Gamilaroi Dance and Theatre Troupe

Yidaki Dance and Didge

Phil Geia - dancer and story teller

Instruments used by the ensemble:

Woodwind - bagpipes (French and English), zurna (Turkish), bombarde (Breton), kaval (Bulgarian), Irish flute, tin whistle, Turkish Clarinet, didgeridu, taragoto.

Percussion - darrabukka (Syrian), duf (Uigher), tupan (Turkish), bodhran (Irish), timbales, bells (Tibetan and Indian), click sticks...

Strings - Arabic and Turkish Ud, baglama, tar (Persian), erhu (Chinese), violin, electric guitar, mandolin, Hammered Dulcimer, Celtic harp, Cheng...

Electronic - sequences, DAT tape, samplers (Ensonic and computer), synthesisers...

I Information I Sirocco fact Sheet I Albums I Tours and Events I Repertoire I Biographies I School Show 2011 I Make an Instrument I

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