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Sirocco's Recordings

Unfortunately due the crisis in the recording industry most albums are hard to find.
Fortunately you can get them through Sirocco - email us to find out how see below - and the ones you already own now have collector's value!!

Young Australians - Latest album (2005) with Choir - original compositions for choir from Jarman and DeTeliga


Voyage - (ABC Music)/ Amicus International Sirocco's acoustic best - and here they begin their journey. On this is the Silk Road and the sounds of Central Asia. "Vigour and straightforward clout" Folk Roots International
Uigher - 


Wetland Video

Port of Call - (Festival/Larrikin)
Four suites that invoke the Australian landscape "A seductive blend" Penthouse

Wetland Suite - (ABC Music) An expansive composition embracing the listener in the Australian garden of Eden - the Macquarie Marshes in northern NSW "stunning..a totally breathtaking recording which transcends the ordinary in manifold ways" The Planet
Turbulence - 

Breath of Time - (ABC Records) Music for the Civilization exhibition at the Australian National Gallery "soothes the ragged edge of consciousness" Beat
Breath - 

Zephyr - (ABC Music) A gentle selection of Sirocco's repertoire including a bonus track used to choreograph the satee ceremony of India "It's like catching an Aussie summer breeze" Music Sales

Stars and Fires - (ABC Music) A trance journey down ancient rivers and through time - multi-ethno-beat "Keep up the brilliant, innovative and enjoyable work" A Punter
Nightride - 

A Celtic Breeze in the Antipodes - (Festival/Larrikin) From Arabic ud to Irish tin whistle, Sirocco explores Australia's various music cultures _ "Sound and style related to the Chieftains" Sydney Morning Herald
Train - 
The Hunter - 

The Evergreen Realm - (independent) A music journey through the Australian rainforest - cascading down the layers and through the day "a wonder walk in a lush, rainforest paradise" The Melbourne University Recorder

Falling Leaf - ( ABC Music)
Sirocco return to the acoustic ethnic. Hear wild sounds and gentle breezes - taragotos combine with didgeridus and baglamas. "A restatement of the Sirocco sound- exciting, whimsical, irreverent and powerful-Australia" Music Sales

Majestic Forest - 

Under the Southern Sky - unreleased

Contains the music composed for the concert in the Warrumbungles in NSW as well as a wealth of new compositions - a mixture of whimsy, romance, jigs and eth-techno piano

Music of the Centenary of Federation - Unreleased
China - 

Australia Day 1999 Music of celebration - Unreleased

A Forbidding History - Music Maitland Gaol - a history of the gaol and its inmates as told in music - Unreleased
Over the Hunter - 

Essential Elements - released 2003 on ABC Music - a fine collection of Sirocco's Music spanning 21 years.
You can buy this from the ABC

walkabout the world

Walkabout the World


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